‘Tomatoes that taste like Tomatoes’

You know what I want? Less plastic and more mindfulness. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. I want to see images of real women — that have not been Photoshop’d into impossible alien creatures in articles.

I want us to become so conscious as a culture that advertisers give up trying to fool us.  Danielle Laporte


The above is taken from one of my most favourite authors; Danielle Laporte. She is a phenomenon and I wish what she taught was part of my school curriculum because I’m sure it would have saved me years of  pain.  Her main conversation is to be driven by your desires to feel a certain way – less about acquiring ‘stuff’ in the hope that it will make you achieve that said feeling. We’ve got it wrong. The sipper above came from this article: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/just-love-declaration it just made sense and I felt compelled to share and make a few other comments:

Firstly, I love how it opens with a no BS ‘You know what I want’. It’s a statement, not a question and you know you’re going to read the next line because maybe what she wants could be what you want too? or at least you want to WANT something with that much attitude and certainty.

Then it’s simply ‘less plastic and more mindfulness’.
Translation: less corporate generated crap you don’t need, mostly because, as it turns out – you actually cannot buy happiness. Followed up with ‘mindfulness’ which basically means; you’ve got to go in, go deep to find out what makes you tick and do high kicks across the room (sorry – dancing analogy – after many many years, its imbedded in my reflexes)

Then we move into food, and yes Danielle, I too want tomatoes that taste like tomatoes – not tiny red orbs that look like clones and taste kinda like, well, plastic? I once helped an ex plant a few small tomato plants because, well, I want to eat tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. He didn’t look after them and they died… ironically a similar thing happened to the relationship…hmmm. Mental not to self – don’t date someone who isn’t willing to water the tomato plants.

Next; Seriously, are we not all fucking over photoshop’d images? We should revolt – women’s mags make me sick. And what amazes me more is that these magazines are targeted towards women, made by women and many of which are mothers to young girls. Way to keep the circle of insecurity and unattainable outward appearance alive ladies! *Note the only magazine I support is The Renegade Collective www.collectivehub.com No physical, idealistic agenda – just people doing awesome stuff. Again I wish this mag was around when I was a teen.

But the last note; become so conscious as a culture that advertisers give up trying to fool us, is POW-ER-FUL. For when you understand what you want, what grounds you to the earth, to your life in your core you become so conscious of the ‘sell’. You know what you need and what isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Thusly leaving room for truly knowing what you want.

Now go plant your tomatoes.

E xx


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