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The Reality of ‘Reality TV’ …It’s not so sexy

Who is a fan of these shows?  Masterchef vs MKR etc. I used to be.

 I once watched a lot of these shows, loved them.  I mean who didn’t love seeing Julie win season one of Australian Masterchef?  As heartfelt as some of these shows are or were, they are now more focused on competition and product placement dollars than creative cooking. 

 But have you also noticed that they just make you hungry?  It would effect me every time, which in turn lead to mindless snaking, which lead to a few extra KJ; you know the ones that stick around long after they announce the winner.  Long story short; watching food or cooking shows makes you hungry.  (and now cranky; ‘where do they find these idiots?’  my mum said last night while watching MKR)

 Due the extra interests in these shows we have seen the rise of the celebrity chef status.  Who would have thought that todays sex symbol would be more a tubby apron wearing, six–pack of beer drinking man than the lean, tank top wearing, six-pack sculpting guy of my teens?  How did that happen?  However I’m not complaining and I’m sure many women will agree that we’d all prefer a guy that can (will?) cook us dinner over a guy that knows how to target transverse and oblique’s in one easy movement.  And for the blokes that read this, well you have Nigella… That is all.

But they used to be more an honest-to-good style of TV, informative rather than exploitive.  Back in the day when Peter Russell Clarke (you have to be Australian and over 30 to know who he is) used to have a 5-minute segment on ABC in the early evenings.  It was a no frills cooking lesson akin to that of your home economics class in year 8.  Then we had Gabrielle Gate on Good Mornings with Bert Newton, he was a Frenchy that migrated to Australia and became famous for his cooking and French accent way before Manu was appearing on Ready, Stead, Cook, let alone MKR.  (RSC is a cooking show that airs in the middle of the day – which means it was either A) airing while I was still at Uni –a decade ago – or B) I have had a fair few ‘sick’ days, because I recall watching A LOT of it).

But now I’m bored with the current cooking shows.  They are many peoples only exposure to food and cooking and personally I don’t think it’s doing anyone any favors, especially in regards to its impact on our health.  What I’d love to see is a show that covers all bases from where in the country or world the food/produce came from, who the growers, catchers or inventors are, how its harvested and prepared for our consumption or how much happened to it before it landed in your trolley; packed, labeled and possibly stamped with the ‘Heart tick of approval’.  (for the record I don’t buy or consume anything with a ‘tick’ on it, it often means a company has purchase ‘health’ rather than deliver on it – AND have you noticed that their products are ALWAYS in a packet… Oh and McD’s has it on their menu.  Just sayin..)

So TV execs how about a show like that? Enough of shows with nasty siblings, friends or couples that just bitch about everything.  I want to see real food produced by real people.  Some of your reality shows go on about fish being sourced locally, well show us that bit. Why can’t we see the local Italian guy that been growing his olive farm for 50 years and still makes cold pressed oil like he did before quantity was valued above quality.  Show the ‘real’ people who live in the town where their livelihood rests on their crop or catch, not the inside of the sponsored car you shuttle everyone around in….

If you want to capture a real sustainable audience, then get real people running their ‘real’ sustainable business.  The reality of their work lives long after your cameras have switched off.   It also gives us a glimpse of what it takes for our farmers to deliver their produce and products to the end consumer (me and you) giving us knowledge to make more informed purchasing choices.  You really do essentially get what you pay for and armed with that info I’d happily pay the difference for a product that holds up in an ethical debate.

Am I the only one who would like to see this?

Comments….? Agree or disagree. 





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