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Thats me hiking up Mt Batur Volcano in Indonesia

As you might know by now I’ve been traveling. I’ve spent the last few months abroad. Alone. Its awesome by the way and even if your all tangled up with a relationship/family etc I cant recommend this enough. Just go, even if its only a few days and its only down the road. Go solo, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Travelling alone is the best way to meet people. Different people. Then what happens is you try to find common ground. The ‘what do you do’ question usually occurs right after the ‘where are you from’ or ‘how long have you been travelling, how old are you etc. I’m happy to answer all these questions because a) I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of and b) when you travel you (almost) never see these people again, if you can’t be honest here it’s a worry.

So I answer – see title above.

And the most common response is this;

-Everyone is from Australia, you guys are everywhere (we really are)

-33, really wow? Aren’t you supposed to be married with a kid by now. (I don’t know, probably)

-A nutritionist, that must be interesting. Then a pause…

Then another question often relating to a body function, a rash, eating disorder, low fat diets, I’m gluten/lactose free statements etc. People are so interested in what I do, which is different from being interested in me as a person (perhaps I’m not that interesting?!). Aannnyways, I found this process repeating itself over and over for weeks. New person, new questions. I’m not complaining because I love to talk health, food and wellness and it keeps a conversation going far beyond the standard three questions. People also offer up lots of personal info, they trust you, which is strangely beautiful. However I realized why more people were interested in having a conversation with me over someone who does System Analysis or the like. Its because my occupation effects EVERYONE, all the time and at every meal. Food and nutrition is the corner stone of health. It can heal dis-ease states, improve quality of life and/or change your life. Its important stuff.

The most common questions I was asked (after they showed me their rash) was ‘you look pretty good for your age; what do you eat’ or ‘what supplements do you take’. I’m not going to go into a detailed list of my diet right now, maybe later…

So in short here are three things that make up my eating religion 90% of the time*.

  • I eat a lot of green stuff and I try and have it in every meal
  • I eat a lot of fat – fat from all sources excluding that from grains aka vegetable oil (hello canola) and some nut/seed oils – but I do eat seeds/nuts as a food.
  • I rarely, if ever, eat processed packaged foods. Stuff that is consumable now and also in 2 years time… avoid.

But note* this is for when I’m at home in my everyday life. I did find it somewhat difficult to stick to this while travelling in Asia. Sometimes you just have to go with what’s there, its all part of the adventure. I didn’t stress out about it as I knew the body is very forgiving and I’ll be back to my regular eating when I return home. However it is worthy to mention that there are very few overweight people in the countries I visited. They eat lots of carbohydrates from rice and root vegetables, lots of rich curry style sauces and have condensed milk in their coffee but that’s about as sweet as it gets for them. No desserts, processed breakfast ‘cereals’, biscuits with tea or other junk. They serve fruit with most meals, often picked from the tree in their front yard and the pineapple is often served with a chilli and salt mix to make it sweeter.

Another thing is that I never got sick while traveling, come to think of it, i never get sick when i travel. Everyone else around me succumbed to something, ranging from gastro to serious ‘we’re taking you to the hospital’ illness and lets not forget the consistent barking, productive cough that plagued almost the entire group of people I was traveling with.

I put it down to the three vitamins I always travel with;

  • Magnesium
  • Probiotics
  • A mixed Green’s powder/tabs

Nothing more fancy than that, all taken once a day and all at the same time. I know there is no Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial to give this scientific validation, but it works for me, every time. And I think that is more than enough.

What do you travel with for health prevention? Love to hear your tips or comments.

E x


Life Pause. I’m Back!

After a long, ok very long pause I’m back.


Over the past few months life seemed to have thrown almost everything at me, it felt like I was stuck in the ocean with wave after wave just smashing me, leaving just enough time to stand up, take a breath before the next one broke on me.  Needless to say it left me exhausted and wondering when my tides would ease up, so while waiting I retreated (surrended?) for a few months then ran away to South East Asia for another few.

And after taking the hits and smack-downs, losing all my motivation for most things, questioning and then re-questioning all the stuff I thought I knew, I’m looking at things very differently.  What used to be important seems like finding that bag of old clothes you’ve forgotten about from your last move.  You recognize it but realize you don’t need it so you let it all go.

On the other side of this shit storm has birthed (bloggers love that word, so I thought I’d use it here) a new day and coincidently a new year and I can’t tell you how different it looks to my past.  Thank fuck. (there may be more swearing on this site, hope that’s ok, if not just don’t read those words)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this little site, where I want it to go now, how I want it to look and what I don’t want it to be.  So here’s what’s about to happen:  The Wholefood Truth is making some changes, I still like the name, not sure if it’ll stick, but for now lets keep rollin’ with it.  There will be less focus on recipes, as I figure there are lots of super great sites and blogs that already do this and they’re doing it extremely well.  That’s not to say the odd one won’t pop up, it’s just not my focus for now.   I will be focusing on food in relation to instincts, hormones, psychology, physiology, science/biology and personal awareness, aka, intuition.  For some readers it may not be your thing and that’s totally ok.  For some it might also sound like I’m going/gone crazy, it’s probably true, but I think it suits me and I’m ready to rock it.

I’m going to start at the very beginning and try and unravel the diet maze that has taken the fun out of food and replaced it with fear and (self) loathing.  I’m just not buying into it anymore.  Its taken me almost a year to weave my way around it, avoiding the relapse’s back to food-default – you know what I mean by this – our safety net speech that sounds like; ‘When I was on THAT diet’ or ‘When I’m that size/weight/shape….I’ll be happy’… umm no you won’t be, (in the long run anyway).  So I can honestly tell you now that I’m free of it all.  The diets, watching, counting, regret, loathing, guilt trips, mental math and decisions about what I eat coming down to how the numbers add up.   It’s not supposed to be like this and I seriously can’t sit at any more tables where the conversations revolve around diet, especially when it’s such bad and misinformed information.  Don’t we have better things worth discussing?

So now all I want to do is stop the torture, still eat the occasional cake and rock out our new freedom from diet and food traps and its going to be super fun!

Hands up who’s in?  

E  x

PS. Im sure this is the place where I’m supposed to offer you free stuff to get you all engaged and excited but if you need a token or discount to get interested in your health we have a problem… aaannnnd I have nothing to actually give away – except that old bag of clothes?





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