Food Makeovers – Chocolate Crackles

Good-Better-Best Series


We can’t always be good, let alone our best.  Sometimes it’s the guilty pleasure of ‘the real thing’ that we crave.  But we beat ourselves up over what the ‘best’ choice for us or our family is.  I am forever falling into this category.  So I compromise, improvise and tweak.  Sometimes I get is so right that you have that; I can’t believe I’m so smart moment.  But other times you find yourself saying… this, perhaps, is not my best attempt. 

What I have realized from this is that I want the option of good, better, best, but sometimes I find it hard to figure out what defines it and the time to search and compare.  This has inspired me to put together a collection of good, better, best scenarios that I hope give you a quick and easy reference guide to what you can do with the time and ingredients you have.  Often the ‘best’ option has ingredients that you haven’t heard of, don’t know what to do with or just aren’t in your budget.  The ‘better’ option might be more of a viable choice for you at this time.  And the ‘good’ is idea for when you need to show up with the original, because sometimes there is no substitute for ‘real’ Anzacs – and we need to know that its completely ok too.  Besides sometimes just ‘doing your best’ is actually perfect, not to mention; human.  This is what I love about people, the rawness of them just being people.

However, just because we have learnt something one way it doesn’t mean that we cant make it better for both our health and perhaps taste perspectives.


Lets start with a classic Australian childhood favourite; 

Chocolate crackles


The Original:

250mg copha

4 cups coco-pops

1 cup icing sugar


Melt and mix method.


The Better:

200gm organic butter or ghee (preferable grass fed!)

4 cups puffed rice (rice bubbles)

2 tbs cacao-powder

¼ cup raw organic sugar + 2 Tbs agave or honey (depending on how sweet you like it)


Add cacao and raw sugar together

Mix dry chocolate mix into to puffed rice, stir to coat all puffs completely

Melt butter over a low heat.  When completely melted add agave.

Take off heat and allow to cool slightly – but don’t let it butter cool so much that it re-sets.

Pour liquid over rice puffs, stir quickly avoid rice puffs going soggy.

Spoon into cases

Set in fridge for 1+ hours.


The Best:

200gm coconut oil

4 cups puffed quinoa/millet (or other puffed cereal)

2 tbs raw cacao powder

½ cup rice malt syrup or ½ cup dextrose powder or ½ cup coconut sugar.

Mix cacao powder into to puffed rice, stir to coat all puffs completely

Melt coconut oil over a low heat.  When completely melted add rice malt syrup (if using glucose or dextrose powder add it to the dry ingredients in step above).

Take off heat and allow to cool slightly 

Pour liquid over rice puffs, stir quickly avoid rice puffs going soggy

Spoon into cases

Set in fridge for 1+ hours.

NB; butter and coconut won’t set as hard as copha – so keep in fridge before serving if it’s a warm day. 


I hope you like the first in my mini series of the Good-Better-Best options to help make our common foods more ‘clean’ and thus, promote wellness.


Please let me know if you have any other foods that you would like me to find a Good Better Best option for and I’ll see what i can do!


Until then happy Better and Best eating.


E x 


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