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Short cut to wellness. Turns out; there’s no magic pill


Are you trying to short cut your way to wellness?  Has the modern world warped your view on health? Crash dieting, only eating certain foods on certain days, counting and calculating every last inch of your food until it looks more like a excel spread sheet than actual food.  Lets not forget your intense exercise programs that you know you will only be able to do for a week or until you are so exhausted you get sick, leaving your worse off than when you started. 

We seem to be expecting our health results to perform like our current day reality; fast, easy and effortless.  Once upon a time there were no mobile phones, Internet, email, txt or Facebook.  We walked to the shops, to school, to friends places.  There was no ordering ‘online’.  We had to wait for it.  And we did, because that’s how it was.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we have technology that supports how we live and learn.  Downloading a book in 30 seconds compared to waiting 30 days for Amazon to deliver (although I sometimes still choose delivery’s cos I like receiving parcels at the office that has nothing to do with work).  Patience was the routine, now it’s the exception.

But with all this expectation on ‘instant’ I can see how we have applied the same thinking and principle our body and our wellness. 

When I see clients this is often the first hurdle in the healing process.  I know this because I ALWAYS get asked this question:

‘So how long will this take to see results’? 

My response is usually always the same:

‘How long have you been experiencing this issue’




There is no short cut to real wellness.

Getting people to understand the reality of what becoming well takes is confronting.  Deep down they already know they haven’t been ‘well’ for some time but have refused to acknowledge it or taken responsibility. 

I am writing this because in my industry there are lots of ‘health’ products that promise quick fixes.  And they sell extremely well, which really pisses me off.  Not only are we reinforcing the message to supplement companies that produce these to keep making more of the same, but we are taking the focus away from a well rounded, balanced approach to health.  Leaving the consumer – you – to expect a the quick fix, then left confused and disappointed when it doesn’t deliver.

The message is simple; you can’t rush what is important.  We should be grateful that our body can withstand a lot of the bad before the cracks form.  Which means you don’t have be perfect all the time, but being aware of your own limits will prevent you ever needing to search for the quick fix magic pill.

By all means have your chocolate, red wine, coffee and fries.  Just make sure they are 70% raw, organic, fair trade and cooked in coconut oil. And perhaps not consumed all at once. 


Hope this reminds you to check in on your personal wellness as often as you check your emails or Facebook account….


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