Satiated or satisfied?


You’re disgustingly uncomfortably full, yet you’re still shoveling.  You’re not even tasting it anymore.  Its just substance.  Yet you can’t stop.


I want to begin to discuss your reason for eating.  Food is absolutely vital for survival.  I’ve discussed it in relation to pleasure, social events, traditions and celebrations.  But why can some people simply walk away when they are done and others never know when to draw the line?


Sound familiar?


I guess the question to ask is less about what you are eating and more about what are you eating over?  What are you eating to avoid, distract from?  Relationships, career, self-perception, habit?   I can promise you that food isn’t your answer; just as its not your friend and neither you enemy. 


We can go on a hundred different diets to ‘find one that works’ but what I can promise you is that until you find your truth with yourself you’ll be at a constant battle with it. 


The Yo-Yo Dieter is the most perfectly coined term for a person who is really suppressing a need that isn’t being met.  My experience from seeing this over and over in my clients, is that you can’t out eat an emotion. 


Its time to face your fear.  Ask the questions.  Take notes and notice when you’re actually hungry.  What are your triggers?  Times of day? Are there people who make you lunge for the biscuit barrel more frequently than others?  Is someone enabling you and encouraging your participation to make themselves feel better?


Why do you continue once you’re content? 


But perhaps that’s exactly it; Contentment.  If we were content we would cease to want.  So perhaps the question is ‘What is it you want for’?  When we can understand this in its truest sense perhaps food will play a less significant role. 


Carbs, fats, etc may never need counting again!  How freeing could that feel?


So next time your going for a second helping, what is it exactly you are wanting for?


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HI all. I have a Bachelor Degree in Health Science specialising in Nutritional Medicine so Im a qualified Nutritionist and Food Coach. I am also a qualified Fitness Therapist and Masseuse. I have worked in the wellness and health industry for over 13 years - and I love it. But what gets me really excited in talking food - the healthy kind - and sometimes the treats. But now I work as a Food Coach helping people banish their own food myths and ideas around various diets and how they came to be where they are with their health. Im here to help anyone wanting more information on wholefoods and their truth! Hope you'll enjoy my posts. Please share it if you think someone else might benefit Elissa x

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