New Year, New Wellness

Hi everyone.  Happy New YEAR!!! And Happy Health for 2013


I had the most sedate and quiet new year of my life last night.  I  had a few party invites ranging from big blow-out party bash, local house party to a casual camping party.  But it felt a bit more right to just hang at home with my family and considering I haven’t seen them much in 2012, it was kinda Awesome!  So Mum, Dad, Nat (sister) and I had dinner, chatted, I watched the sun set for the final time in 2012 and set my intentions for the year to come.

The follow on from a quiet evening = clear mind and no fuzzy hangover!  What a great way to begin the first day of the new year.  I began my day with waking to see the first sun-rise for 2013, put my new trainers on and went for a walk in the bush.  Magical!


After returning about an hour later I whipped up a quick and simple breakky for my family and thought that I really should share it with everyone!  Its quick and simple super paleo friendly breakfast that can be eaten right away or easily stored and taken with you.

Chia pudding w natural yoghurt + berries

What you’ll need

  • 2 tbs chia seeds 
  • 3 tbs (heaped) natural yoghurt – soy, cows, goat, sheep’s milk are all ok
  • berries and coconut shavings.

To Do:

  • Mix chia seeds with 1/2 cup of water – let this stand for 5-10min



  • When chia seeds have gone thick and slimy-like, mix in yoghurt


  • Top with berries and coconut shavings…

    Voilà …




There you have it – a 3 ingredient paleo friendly breakfast option.

You can get creative and mix in spices such as cinnamon or vanilla etc.

And I find this is great to put into Tupperware if you are eating after a training session or are simply not ready to eat first thing (which Im finding happens more and more when you switch from burning glucose to using fat as your primary energy source)

I also love this if I’ve had larger meals though out the day – i.e. a work lunch, and just want something simple and light in the evening.

The yoghurt makes this a very cooling meal, which is great for summer months and also if you tend to have a ‘hot’ constitution (Ayurvedic theory – more on this later).

So be gentle to your digestion on the first day of the new year, especially if you have been over indulging over the past few weeks!

New year, new health, new whole-food options.  My (free) Freedom With Wholefoods; Healthy Eating Program will be released in the next few weeks.  Its a 2 week guide to understanding your body and how you best operate on various foods.  It will help you discover more about what foods your body responds to and the why and how behind it.  It is so empowering and gives you more freedom in your food choices.  

Lets start the year with a goal of wellness rather than diets, calories, carbs and counting.  

Follow me on this blog and share with anyone you think might get some benefit out of this too! 

Elissa x 


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HI all. I have a Bachelor Degree in Health Science specialising in Nutritional Medicine so Im a qualified Nutritionist and Food Coach. I am also a qualified Fitness Therapist and Masseuse. I have worked in the wellness and health industry for over 13 years - and I love it. But what gets me really excited in talking food - the healthy kind - and sometimes the treats. But now I work as a Food Coach helping people banish their own food myths and ideas around various diets and how they came to be where they are with their health. Im here to help anyone wanting more information on wholefoods and their truth! Hope you'll enjoy my posts. Please share it if you think someone else might benefit Elissa x

3 responses to “New Year, New Wellness”

  1. Prenatal Massage says :

    Cool post, I really enjoyed reading it. I will check out your site for some more content on this subject….

  2. Pornsri says :

    Hi Elissa!

    I’m from Bangkok – Thailand.
    It was so impressive the chia seeds with yogurt and berries, so easy to make and eat. You created it wonderfully.
    Chia seeds are common in my country, that’s why I’m excited.
    May I share it in my food fanpage if I’ve ever created one?

    And also I did share your photo of ‘well worn shovel’ to my newly-opened page:

    Pls say hi to Moonya as well.

    Thank you very much.


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