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A few of you know that I moved interstate to Sydney (Australia) earlier this year for a opportunity to advance my career.  I’m going home for the holidays and I just realised its been over 5 months since I’ve been back  

I officially call Melbourne, Australia home.  If you have ever been to Melbourne you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say its possibly the most diverse and inspiring city in the world and if you haven’t, then please I employ you to make a stop if you ever visit Australia.  Sydney is often the only capitol city that travels visit, and while it is extraordinarily beautiful, Melbourne has a internal vibe that makes you feel like you’ve found a bit of real magic.  Melbourne is Australia’s nod to our European settlers; ergo it’s the foodie mecca of Australia.  The town itself is based on a square grid which means it incredibly easy to get around, it just makes sense.  However, if you look beyond its main streets you’ll discover Melbourne’s true under-belly; its hidden lane ways.  Degraves st, Flinders Lane and Block Place, to name a few are the hidden gems beneath its modern city exterior.  This is where I feel its soul lies.  


While this post isn’t exactly about ‘whole-foods’ it’s more about food and its energetics, which I feel is equally important.  While walking down these lane ways I feel how the city used to run, the stores that first opened and the people who would occupy the spaces.  These lane ways hold a rich history that lay the foundations of how Melbournians view foods and their expectation around it.  We don’t expect a fancy spread but we do want it quick, affordable, tasty and with a bit of old Melbourne vibe.  


Head to Degraves st from noon onwards and find it filled with the big suits perched on milk crates, sitting outside a soup stand with their bread roll balancing on one knee and their iPad on the other.  For just a brief moment their busy corporate life stalls while they slurp the home made soup or bite into the crusty exterior of a Panini filled with prosciutto, rocket and melted mozzarella.


Walk in to the beautiful Block Arcade and be transported back to the 1920s of glamour and style.  Find your grandmother with her friends remembering a time and tradition gone by of high tea at Hopetoun Tea Rooms.  Enjoy a cup of early grey tea out of fine china and take the time to pause in the mid afternoon for the simple pleasure of socialising.  It’s as nourishing for the body as any meditation.


In the evening when the workers are leaving the streets come alive with the bars and restaurants forcing the city to walk to a different beat..  There are hidden roof top bars such as Madam Brussels with its cheeky Alice in Wonderland theme.  Or head up to Cookie Roof Top Cinema to catch classic movie in the evening summer breeze surrounded by the twinkling lights from the nearby high-risers.  Then afterwards walk down a few levels to Cookie Bar for a classic Martini (or mineral water) before you take the tram back to your destination.


Melbourne is one of the most civilised cities around.  The above is just a snippet of what I think makes this city amazing.


Let me know if you have been or if you are planning on going, I’d love to provide you with a few recommendations for dinner, markets and getaways.


Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post I’ll be going home for the holidays, back to the ‘farm’ which I’m so excited about.  I’ll be sharing lots of photos and some video clips of what fresh produce we have growing there and how we prepare and preserve it over the next two weeks. 


Last day of work for me today and I’ll be seeing you once more before Christmas day!


Lots of festive love


Elissa x 




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