Seed and Soul-Less?


I rarely peel my food.  To some people that may seem weird or gross.  I don’t care!  I am slightly realistic about it.  I don’t eat pumpkin skin – but I leave it on for baking and just scoop out the flesh.  Why would I bother wasting time fiddling around trying to peel a raw pumpkin?  But I do eat the skin from the kiwi fruit.


You do have to be a bit cautious.  I (try) to only eat organic fruits and vegetables.  If I can’t then I might consider peeling my carrots.  But I find a quick scrub will do a fairly good job.  I also really like to buy my produce that looks like it has been grown in the ground. Shocking! 


I like when I find bugs in my lettuce and dirt on my potatoes.  Are we really that lazy that we only want vegetables that require little to no washing or preparing?  Well maybe we do, as the freezer section of my supermarket seems to be getting bigger and bigger, while the ‘fresh fruit’ section is shrinking – or being taken over by ready-made salads.  


I WANT my apples and oranges to have lumps, bump and spots.  We as consumers have dictated to our farmers that we only want perfect looking food.  So our Agri-business has been working hard to ‘breed’ (genetically modify) our food to look perfect or unblemished.  We really only have ourselves to blame. 


Think about grapes – they are a fruit, therefore they contain seeds.  But we, as consumers, don’t like seeds.  They taste bitter and are inconvenient as we have to spit them out.  The biggest selling grape variety in Australia is now called Seedless Grapes.  We have taken the most valuable part of that plant out.  Grape seed (extract) contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants there is.  It’s often used in cosmetics to help ‘stall’ aging and prevent wrinkles.  

It contains bioflavonoids that help to protect and strengthen cell membranes from free radical damage.  It helps repair connective tissue and assists in wound healing while also clearing bacteria from the site of infection.


But we didn’t like it so we bred it out.  Seedless Watermelon anyone?


We are no longer eating wholefoods.  They are ceasing to exist.  We as consumers are playing a huge role in the evolution of our food.  Not from physical or biological need, but from a commercial and cosmetic origin.  


Next time your purchasing your fresh produce have a look around, does it all look the same? 


(above pic – fruit with SPOTS!! – a persimmon from my parents farm)

I know that for some buying organic just isn’t possible for various reasons, but if you can get to the local farmers market or green grocer at least once a month.  This way you’ll be helping change how we spend our consumer dollars and maybe our Agri-business players will pay attention?


Try growing your own?  At least you’ll know what you’re getting, seeds and all!  Besides, they taste better!


I’ll be talking more about farming and growing your own produce, so if you do have any questions around that just send them in.  I’ll be happy to help!

Happy Wholefoods! 

Elissa x


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About elissakerpen

HI all. I have a Bachelor Degree in Health Science specialising in Nutritional Medicine so Im a qualified Nutritionist and Food Coach. I am also a qualified Fitness Therapist and Masseuse. I have worked in the wellness and health industry for over 13 years - and I love it. But what gets me really excited in talking food - the healthy kind - and sometimes the treats. But now I work as a Food Coach helping people banish their own food myths and ideas around various diets and how they came to be where they are with their health. Im here to help anyone wanting more information on wholefoods and their truth! Hope you'll enjoy my posts. Please share it if you think someone else might benefit Elissa x

5 responses to “Seed and Soul-Less?”

  1. ommarathonlawyer says :

    I completely agree – consumers like produce because it looks nice, but looking nice can also be proof that toxic chemicals have been applied. I Juice a lot of vegetables and do not peal them. I agree – many nutrients are found in the skin. So, for someone in Illinois, how could I grow my own fruit / vegetables? And ideas on a simple greenhouse?

    • elissakerpen says :

      Hi Bernie,

      I’m so impressed with people that are ‘skin lovers’ its really heart warming to see that we are beginning to make some small shifts and move towards better health.

      My knowledge on where you live is a bit limited, so I can’t really give great advice on what type of plants to grow etc. However where I live at the moment is in a small apartment. I do the best with what I’ve got. So I have lots of little pot plants that have my fav herbs. On really hot days or during winter I bring them indoors and place them near the window. As for a ‘glass house’ a sheet of plastic, like what you’d use if you were painting your house to protect the floor is a great start. Peg it up on stakes to make an A-frame support. This will help keep in a lot of heat and moisture. But be careful as it can get too hot and humid and you can ‘burn’ your plants. Tomatoes love to grow under this – plant them with basil to keep bugs away!

      Hope this helps!


      • ommarathonlawyer says :

        Thank you Elissa for your suggestions about growing food. I thought about your post while buying apples today. The store had a regular stack of apples that were shinny, spotless, looked like a decoration for my home. The other section, organic apples were refrigerated and looked dull. I bought those, and they are sweet, satisfying and awesome. I am not ingesting wax or any other pesticides that my body does not need. Thanks for making me think twice before buying the shinny pretty apples!

  2. Nikki says :

    I really the idea that you bring up here about how our ability to breed out specific characteristics (seedless, sweeter, etc) is likely to change our diet and bodily performance. I think in some ways it is arrogant to suggest that we are omniscient enough to recognize what is useful and not useful in any given food product. Furthermore, it is scary to think about how these changes will affect our health in the long term.

    • elissakerpen says :

      Hi Nikki,

      I agree with you. And it saddens me to think that we are aiming to achieve only a particular look or taste in food that is meant to look and taste how it does! I guess we can only really begin to vote first with our dollars and by sharing this type of communication. Im not here to try and stop the farming business, but mearly hope to help people question it.

      thanks for your comments!

      Elissa x

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