Honour Thy Whole-Foods


(Photo taken from my parents farm) Luscious Lemons! 

I know in my other posts I’ve talked about foods or given paleo style suggestions.  And because of this a few people from my work, that are following me here, have asked me if this is ‘healthy’?  Interesting question.  Im the girl at work who ALWAYS brings in my own food for lunch and often get comments such as; ‘Your lunch always looks so healthy’.  And I guess to their point, it mostly is.  So I can see why they might be confused when I talk about cream in my coffee and the fact I no longer just have a tuna – hold the dressing – salad.  


(A pic of a typical home made lunch for work!)

However when I stop to think about it, I haven’t really changed too much from my original ‘healthy’ type of eating, I have merely made a few tweaks.  One being; I now only eat meat that is grass finished – (see other post on Grass Finished Meat and its importance here).  One thing that is still the same is; Whole-Foods are my staple.     

People are a bit confused around the term Whole Food.  There have been some very cleaver marketing from food manufacturing companies calling a variety of products ‘whole foods’ that in actual fact, are now barely even what I would consider ‘food’.  Once you begin to add a ‘process’ to a food it ceases being whole.  Now Im not about to suggest we all go raw/vegan, but I think its important to be mindful of how our food come to our plates.  

Its probably NOT a Whole Food if its;

  • In a cardboard box
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Has a expiry longer than 3 months (exceptions can apply if frozen-ie frozen berries/peas)
  • Has ‘added’ stuff to it.
  • It has stuff removed from it.  i.e. fat 
  • Claims of ‘extraction’ or ‘isolated’ on the label
  • Has a label

Whole Food means food that is closest to its natural form, how it became to be on this earth. All fruit and vegetables in their raw state are considered ‘whole’.  Thats what I always revert back to when in doubt – does it look like it would in nature, how far has the processing been taken for this food to get to me?  Please note that cooking the food doesn’t have to stop it from being whole.  Steaming, baking, stir-frying etc are great ways to utilise whole-foods.  And I feel there is a real importance to be connected with our food and we can achieve that when prepare, chop, cook or more importantly; GROW! our own food.   What I do have a problem with is food that is already ‘prepped’ for a consumer – pre-cooked and then frozen.  These meals may contain foods that were indeed once ‘whole’ but I can promise you they now no longer hold much of their whole-food goodness or energetics (more on that another time).  

I want to place a very big emphasis on eating as much whole foods as we can.  If you are eating ‘Paleo’ its not a one way ticket to meat, meat and more meat.  Paleo is a lovely term that help people understand this new way of everyday healthy eating.  You can of course eat ‘Paleo’ and be vegetarian or vegan.  Its around quality of your foods.  Its about sticking to the Whole Foods, not the Convenient-Store foods.  Your body will thank you for it and so will the planet.  


Be mindful when your eating.  Notice what the food looks like – turn off the TV and look at your plate.  Does the food on there look like something you grandparents would have eaten?  I will begin to speak more and more on this topic, because this is the true key to unlocking the wellness from our own bodies and our effects on sustainability.  

Choose your food in its whole form.  Shop the perimeter of your supermarket – or take a trip back 30 years when you knew your butcher by name and your neighbours for that matter.  Lets take this in small steps.  So if there is one thing you take from reading this, let it be to just begin to look at your plate or food.  


What do you see?


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