Smooth Paleo Chocolate


Ok.  So if your like me you can prob go with out the soft drink, juices, mixed lollies and sweet biscuits, right?  But what you get unstuck with is the CHOCOLATE!  I sometimes just really need it.

So I’ve made my own.  It actually rather amazing! I use Nuilife’s Creamed Coconut.  This isn’t coconut oil or butter – but more like a silky smooth nut paste.  its got is own natural sweetness and I find that it holds its shape better – and for longer – than coconut oil.


What you’ll need

  • 1/2 cup Nuilife Creamed Coconut (make sure its mixed well and the oil hasn’t separated to the top)
  • 1-2 tbs (depending on how rich you like it) Raw Cacao Powder – I use Loving Earth brand.  
  • Stevia – i use about 10 drops of the liquid (not essential)
  • Vanilla powder or Peppermint oil to taste – or any other spice you like.  Grated orange rind would be lovely.
  • You can also add shaved coconut, nuts and/or seeds to this. 
  • 1 ice cube tray


How To:

  • Mix everything together – Easy as
  • Pour or spoon into ice cube tray and set in fridge.  


These will ‘pop’ out like set ice cubes would – I store them in a airtight container in the freezer and just take one out at a time.  


You can alternative make ‘drops’ on to baking paper and place that onto a chopping board to set flat in the fridge – then you can determine how big or what shape you want.  I just use a spoon like you do when making cookies.  Dust with more cacao powder to serve – 


These chocolates are so rich and smooth that they totally hit the spot.  And as they are sugar free, thus super satisfying, you won’t be hunting through your kitchen cupboards looking for another sugar hit! 

Alternatively you can pour some of the mixture before you set it over frozen berries – it will set like Ice Magic.  Your kids won’t know the difference, I promise.


Let me know your thought or if you’ve tried something similar…. 


Whole-foodie love Elissa x 

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HI all. I have a Bachelor Degree in Health Science specialising in Nutritional Medicine so Im a qualified Nutritionist and Food Coach. I am also a qualified Fitness Therapist and Masseuse. I have worked in the wellness and health industry for over 13 years - and I love it. But what gets me really excited in talking food - the healthy kind - and sometimes the treats. But now I work as a Food Coach helping people banish their own food myths and ideas around various diets and how they came to be where they are with their health. Im here to help anyone wanting more information on wholefoods and their truth! Hope you'll enjoy my posts. Please share it if you think someone else might benefit Elissa x

2 responses to “Smooth Paleo Chocolate”

  1. FitAbulous says :

    Thanks for the idea! The chocolate looks so good, and natural!

  2. Amanda Lewer says :

    Yew…sounds good Elissa…I will give it a go!

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