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The Wholefood Truth Beginning….

Welcome to thewholefoodtruth  this little blog is born out of passion and desire to help share a wholefood message and the truth about foods.

A bit about me first;  My name is Elissa and I’m a foodie.  So much so that I became a qualified Nutritionist and Health Coach.  I have over 13 years experience in the wellness industry and I really really live the whole food truth. (Kale smoothie for breakfast anyone?)

How did i learn to love Kale over Coke?  Well i was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm about an hour out of Melbourne, Australia.  My father, being from a European background,  has a passion for real food and subsequently began building his dream of a self-sufficient lifestyle.  So i grew up being involved in the growing process of everything from Almonds, avocados, persimmons, pistachios, figs and olives – and literally all in between.  I think we are the only place in Melbourne that has a banana tree!  His motto was ‘why would anyone grow a plant that didn’t give fruit?’ My mum learnt very quickly all the way you can keep your harvest lasting all year and is an official EXPERT at preserving, pickling and drying all the beautiful produce.  The Farm is my absolute place of love and realness.

So what i hope to do in the blog is share with you all my stores about food for health and food as medicine.  Functional food and food for life.  How to grow your own food to help us all live a more self sustainable life.

Lets get real.  let’s go green and Lets live the wholefood truth!

I hope you come along for the journey to thewholefoodtruth

E x


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